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Maintaining Your Weight Loss for Life

Published October 28, 2015

The hCG diet has been found to be very effective for helping people lose weight, even when other diet plans have failed. By combining hormonal injections of hCG (human chorionic […]

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Put the ‘O’ Back in Orgasm with the O-Shot®

Published October 13, 2015

Would you say no to better orgasms? How about more orgasms? How about an increased interest in sex? More than 50 percent of the female population suffers from some form […]

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Can Women Benefit from Testosterone Therapy?

Published September 28, 2015

Many women are often surprised to learn that testosterone offers many valuable benefits to their health and quality of life. Though it may be known and “the male hormone,” testosterone […]

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Living Green for Better Health

Published March 3, 2015

Living Green for Better Health Over the last several months activists have been busy drudging up the cold, hard facts society must face – all the advancements made in technology […]

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Progesterone and Anxiety

Published March 3, 2015

Progesterone and Anxiety I saw an interesting patient today that presented with persistent anxiety, insomnia, moodiness despite her doctor giving her increasingly higher doses of estrogen and eventually resorting to […]

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O-shot at the Oscars & 50 Shades of Grey

Published February 16, 2015 To celebrate the premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey, Total Health and Rejuvenation of Buckhead Atlanta is offering a special promotion of Free Consultation for PRP Rejuvenation Procedures including […]

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Published February 4, 2015

Stress We see so many people in the practice that complain about steeds and the effects it has on their life. I tell patients it really does not matter if […]

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Diabetes and Hormones

Published February 4, 2015

Diabetes and Hormones We see many patients in the office for bioidentical hormone therapy that at the same time have some sort of glucose or sugar metabolism disorder. Many patients […]

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What Most Doctors DON’T Know About Treating Menopause

Published January 15, 2015

For years  ̶– ever since the National Institutes of Health (NIH) released its Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) report in 2002  ̶ – women entering menopause have found themselves in a […]

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  • My wife and I starting coming to BodyLogicMD a few years ago as were both feeling the effects of our aging. She was pre-menopausal with slight weight gain and night sweats and low energy and I was suffering from very low testosterone as most men over 40 do and had low energy. My wife read about hormone treatment in a book by Susanne Somers and we searched out doctors in Atlanta that offered it and found BodylogicMD. After being on our treatment programs for about 90 days we both felt great and our symptoms went away and we have maintained...Read More
  • "At 44 I was tired of feeling tired. I wasn't sleeping through the night, waking up with the sweats and just not able to turn my brain off. During the day, I had no energy. The 3 pm slump would hit me like a ton of bricks everyday - no matter how well I had slept the night before. My libido was pretty much zilch and I was seriously moody. Worst of all, don't tell my husband the no libido wasn't the worst, I couldn't lose weight to save my life. After hearing about BodyLogicMD, I decided that something needed...Read More

  • "I was unable to find a provider who specializes in female hormones through my OBGYN – they just give you the pill which I didn’t want. And, my endocrinologist fell short in this area. Then I found BodyLogicMD of Atlanta and Dr. Karen Weldon. At my first appointment, the office staff was great, and Dr. Weldon was very thorough in reviewing my lab results. During the course of my treatment, Dr. Weldon has been very quick in responding to all my questions via email which is very convenient. I can write to her when an issue is happening and...Read More

  • "Dr. Donohue has been treating me for several years now and the change in my health has been incredible.  I no longer have that “foggy” feeling, my thoughts are now clear and concise.  I have more energy and look healthier than I have ever looked before, and my friends and family have noticed and commented favorably.  With the boost in energy I’m able to exercise more and that has resulted in a better looking body and a lower number on the scale!  I completely trust Dr. Donohue, he’s knowledgeable and takes the time to explain things, is compassionate and is...Read More
  • "My husband I have been Dr. Donohue’ patients for the past several years and we can honestly say it has been a life changing experience for us….., as we grow “younger”, we have been faced with many age related deteriorations physically and mentally…., Dr. Donohue’ precise HRT therapy and supplements have made us feel and look as young as we feel at our hearts…, plus I love the fact Dr. Donohue is prompt and we never have to wait more than 5 mins!!!!!!!! The staff at his office is wonderful as well; professional, friendly and very caring; we are just...Read More



August 13, 2019

The Benefits of Compounded Hormones Can Enhance Menopause and Andropause Treatment

Standardized pharmaceuticals transform and save lives every day. Their role is so central in our lives that it is easy to forget just how powerful these medications can be, whether […]

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